One-on-One Coaching
Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc. coaches assist students with organizational skills and in all academic subject areas. Coaches are carefully matched to each student using a parent survey and interview to assist in pairing the student with a coach. Student coaching is typically a weekly, 60-minute, one-on-one session, conducted in the student’s home.

College Boot Camp

At each of the three sessions of College Boot Camp, student will learn how and why college will be so different from the K-12 experience. With this knowledge students will have the power to positively tackle college and get the most out of the next four or more years. After each session students will be required to do homework to help prepare for the specific school each will be attending.

College Boot Camp will cover the following aspects of college life.

  • ACADEMIC: Professors, Class Expectations, Study Techniques, Organization
  • SOCIAL LIFE: Activities (school, study, work, fun, etc.), Finding a balance
  • PROFESSIONAL: Preparing for the job market, Resumes, Networking

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