History of Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc.

SFL-LogoWhen Megan Stone started tutoring students in math and science, she quickly realized that the problems her students were encountering had less to do with the actual subject matter. The students lacked the organizational skills and confidence they needed to succeed. She set out to develop a system that would help students thrive in school, as well as in life. In addition to caring for students’ needs, this system also enables parents to better assist their children in the learning process.

The techniques and strategies were hugely successful. In an attempt to meet the needs of families requesting her help, she incorporated, hired and trained staff, and has built a business, helping students and families. Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc. has assisted hundreds of students gain confidence, pride in their work, and a desire to do well. Students who have gone through the SFL program have gone on to attend the best colleges and universities in the nation.

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