Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc.

SFL-LogoOur mission is to provide organizational strategies and study skills for students to excel in academics and life. Self-advocacy, responsibility, and ownership are foundational in our program. We desire to assist students, parents, and educators in the process of encouraging success in and outside of the classroom.

“Why can’t you just do your homework?” is a common question asked by both parents and teachers. The better question is “Do you have the tools to do the job?” Times have changed. Students today need different tools and confidence to excel in the classroom and in life. When students are encouraged to make decisions, they gain ownership of their own education. Simple choices, such as choosing school supplies, aid in the process and provide autonomy for children. If students are not successful in their job of being a student, other aspects of life will suffer.

With ownership comes pride in a job well done.
And with pride comes additional hard work to succeed.

Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc. is committed to training educators in new techniques to teach students how to take ownership over their educational experience. Parent seminars, teacher in-services, individual parent training, and one-on-one coaching for students are available.

The professional coaches at Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc. assist students with organizational skills and in all academic subject areas. Because each student has different needs, the coaches are carefully matched to each student. A parent survey and interview assists in pairing the student with the best coaching experience. Student coaching is typically a weekly, 60-minute, one-on-one session, conducted in the student’s home.

Every SFL coach has been trained in the Stone Foundations of Learning Inc. academic success techniques including SFL study skills and organizational techniques. Each coach is an expert in various academic subjects. Both male and female coaches are on staff to work with students. The SFL coaches strive to make school a positive learning experience and help students to use the tools in other aspects of life.

Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc. is the best place
to learn life-long skills for success in and outside of the classroom.