“My tutor is so cool! She has really made learning more interesting for me. Plus, I am never afraid to ask her questions or admit that I have no idea what is going on. I wish she was my school teacher.” -7th Grade Student

“I absolutely love my job! There is something so wonderful about watching a student suddenly ‘get’ everything you have been teaching him. When one of my students brought home a test with his first ‘A’ it was hard to tell who was more excited, the student or me! I pour my heart into these students and it is such a thrill to watch them succeed!” -Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc. Coach

“My mom and dad don’t bug me about homework anymore. It makes doing my homework a lot less annoying, and I don’t seem to get as frustrated with my parents like I used to. I never understood why my parents cared about how I did in school so much, but now that I care about my grades. I finally get it.” -8th Grade Student

“Our tutor really motivated our son. He never wanted to disappoint her so he always had his homework done and everything he would need for their sessions ready and on the table. It was amazing to watch. Before we began the tutoring sessions our son disliked school and had no desire to perform well. Now he takes pride in his work and wants to achieve the best grades he can.” -Parents of 6th Grade Student

“Working with Megan has not only helped our son learn to be successful in school, but it has also improved the relationship we have with him. We feel we no longer need to nag him about homework. Megan has taught him so many useful skills and he has experienced a sense of accomplishment by putting those skills to practice. He has become more independent and takes pride in his school work.” -Mother of Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc. Student

“I am really proud of what the team at Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc. has accomplished. My dream is to make learning and school easier for students by providing tools and strategies to succeed. If I can help even one student feel more confident and have more faith in himself, my job has been worth every minute.”
-Megan Stone, President of Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc.