Own Your Education, Own Your Life

The invitations are out, the media has been informed, the food has been ordered – it’s official, my book launch party is next week.  It is hard to believe that after months of working with different editors and my publisher my book is out and ready for sale. I get asked many questions and here a few of my responses:



This book is about helping people to take Ownership over their lives through their education.  To own their successes and failures.  To learn from the tough times (yes, even children MUST have tough times), and the easy times.  Experiencing all parts of your life and taking ownership of these experiences is the only way that people can become all they are meant to be and have control over their future.


This book took me four months to write or my whole life….it depends on what your definition of writing is.  The journey to get to this place started when I was in elementary school.  I always knew that I was different than the other kids – I struggled with school and they didn’t.  All I wanted to be was “smart”.  I longed to be in the gifted group and worked so hard to do my best.  At 29 I was diagnosed with a learning disorder.  This was not a surprise but a welcomed confirmation that I really am smart – I just learn differently than others.  I realized then, that I had taken ownership of my life at a very young age – adopting different techniques to help me learn and do well in school.


The path to get to this book was long but planned.  It included 4 years of teaching, 6 years of creating the curriculum for my company, 6 years of growing Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc and helping thousands of people, 6 years of speaking, traveling and spreading the message of ownership, 4 rejections letters, 4 editors and countless prayers.  Was this easy – no, but I believe there is a reason for this book to be published now.


I do not like to write….but if that is what I need to do to help others develop, grow and take control of their life – I will do it.  We are not always asked to do what we love to help others – many times by helping others we also learn more about ourselves.

The bottom line is this is a great book to help people learn to take control of their life.  It is not a quick fix to solve all of life’s problems, but instead a philosophy of how to take control of your life, weather the storms, and become confident in your abilities to “do life”.

If I can write a book, anything is possible.  I hope you see this story as one of determination, grace, and faith.

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