Benefits to Parents from Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc.

Learn what your child is learning.
Help your child follow through with organizational tactics.
Create a more successful learning environment.
Become more organized yourself.

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Parent Seminars
The seminars are a vital part of the Stone Foundations of Learning approach to student success. Each seminar is designed to equip parents with skills to assist their children to succeed. The seminars are presented in a series of three consecutive two-hour sessions. Each session covers organizational tools for school and home. Megan Stone, M.Ed., President of Stone Foundations of Learning, leads the Parent Seminars. You as a parent are guaranteed to leave each session feeling more confident of your role in your child’s education.

Seminar Breakdown:

  • Session One teaches the importance of weekly, student directed, homework meetings with parents and the proper use of student planners.
  • Session Two emphasizes the need for student communication with teachers and how to best use a folder/filing system.
  • Session Three explains how to use many different study strategies and the need for student self reflection and goal setting.

Parent Seminar Party
Parent Seminar Parties are social gatherings to help parents of school age children discuss and implement organizational and study skills. Specific tools and techniques will make life easier for parents allowing child to take ownership over their school experience. Each session is customized to address the top concerns of parents who attend.

Individual Training Sessions
The Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc. organizational system is laid out in a detailed format in a home setting with parents. During the sessions, specific needs of each student are taken into consideration and parents have the opportunity to work one-on-one to determine how to best assist the child. Strategies are put into place to meet the needs of each individual learner.

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